Image swap

A perfect tool for displaying your product variation, also ideal for your styling work. You can use 1 of 5 swapping animations or a combination of all.

Image Swap Visual Composer addon

Want to add an image swap on your website? You can try this Image swap visual composer addon now, which is featured in Visual Composer KIT package. This addon will help you to easily implement 5 attractive animations that will change images on your WordPress site. Each element can add separated effect and images. So, the only work you have to do is choose images you want and the appropriate effects.

Just hover and watch it now!

Fade in

Slide Downward

Slide Leftward

Slide Upward

Slide Rightward

Or combine as you want...

Features of Image swap visual composer addon

  • 5 beautiful and attractive image animations.
  • Animate each item separately.
  • Super easy implementation.