Display your customer satisfaction or work credit with Testimonial. You can create your unique testimonial using 7 templates and unlimited design possibilities.

7 modern testimonial templates with highly customized possibilities are all in this Testimonial visual composer addon, featured in Visual Composer KIT package.

Note: you need to install Testimonials plugin by Woothemes first to use this Testimonial visual composer addon.

VCKit - Avada Home Style

Simple, clean and clear with “Content + Avatar + Info”

VCKit - Avada Clean Style

Simple, clean and clear with “Avatar + Content + Info”

VCKit - Shoot Style

Simple yet nice style with “Avatar(left) + Info(right-top) + Contect(right-bottom)

VCKit - Craftego Style

Classic style with “Avatar(top-left) + Info(top-right) + Content”

VCKit - Salient Original Style

Modern style with “Icon + Content + Info”

VCKit - Avada Hotel Style

Bright style with “Icon(top-left) + Content(top-right) + Info(bottom-right)”

VCKit - Salient Corporate Style

Comic style with “Content + Avatar + Info”

List of Features for Testimonial visual composer addon

  • 07 templates to choose. More templates will be added in further update versions of Testimonial visual composer addon
  • Choose number of testimonials you want to retrieve from database and how to order them (by ID, Date, Name or None).
  • Enable displaying author info, URL and avatar.
  • Customize the avatar's size and shape.
  • Support slider to display testimonials.
  • Choose number of items you want to show and number of items you want to scroll each time with slider.
  • Enable navigation (dots or arrow) and customize it.
  • Enable autoplay slider.
  • Customize color of components inside testimonial.